Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Irsay Junior and Senior

Here's the way I see it going down. Irsay Sr. @##$% the Colt fans in Baltimore. Irsay Jr. is going to @##$% the Colt fans in Indianapolis.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Limit the Turnout

Limit the turnout, at least, of voters who are most likely to lean Democratic.

The campaign to acheive the above goal is moving along in Virginia. See here. At the same time, the campaign of that counter-example of "fair and balanced," (cable) Fox News, to persuade us that fraudulent votes by dead people are rampant in South Carolina has been exposed as dishonest horse manure. See here.

Newt the Progressive

Despite his protests to the contrary, Newt Gringrich's campaign for the Republican nomination for President has a clear anti-big business, anti-capitalist theme. This is, of course, because he and his campaign wonks see this approach as giving him the best chance of defeating Mitt Romney.

Nevertheless, the irony of a Republican running such a campaign is overwhelming. What's next, a "cross of gold" speech?

Hate Speech vs Free Speech

Having rights also means having responsibilities. Paul Woody's column in today's (Jan 27) RTD provides a good example of a person who met his responsibilities while exercising his right to free speech contrasted with examples of (anonymous) people engaging in irresponsible hate speech under the cover of free speech.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tax Season

Tax season is upon us, some more than others.

If you use a CPA or other professional to do your tax return, do yourself a favor, get your stuff to your tax pro as as soon as you can.