Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gun Control

People with children in their homes are acquiring guns at record rates, supposedly to protect their homes and children. What those people refuse to acknowledge is the chances of their children dying before maturity increase markedly when guns are in their homes. Certainly, the chances of the children dying of gunshot wounds goes through the roof.  In each of 2008 and 2009 236 children died in the United States from gunshots.  That’s a two year total of 472 small children. In 2008, 28 of those deaths were classified as accidental and in 2009, 33. []
Claims by parents that they have educated their children to leave the family arsenal alone are so much horse manure.  Almost every child who has shot him/herself or a playmate had been strictly instructed that guns were not toys, guns were to be left alone, adults should be called if a gun were discovered, etc. etc. Kids don't follow the rules. Kids believe themselves to be invulnerable. Kids don't understand the permanency of death.
Perhaps worse are suggestions to arm school teachers.  Cops spend hours every month renewing their training, practicing, running scenarios and they still occasionally shoot the wrong person. Anyone who thinks armed, half-trained school teachers will increase safety in the schools is a lunatic or a moron.